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        3m膠帶3M 8402膠帶



        3M 8402

        基材:聚脂 品牌:3M 型號:8901 顏色:藍色 厚度:0.06
        型號:8905 基材:聚酯 厚度:0.17 顏色:藍 型號:8402 基材:聚酯 厚度:0.05 顏色:綠
        型號:8911 基材:聚酯 厚度:0.08 顏色:透明
        型號:8952 基材:pet 厚度:0.09 寬度:1219 顏色:藍色
        型號:8952 基材:聚脂 寬度:457.2*66 顏色:藍
        型號:8952 基材:聚酯 厚度:0.09 顏色:藍
        型號 8952 基材 PET 膠系 丙稀酸


        3M Polyester Tape 聚酯膠帶 8403 Silicone Adhesive

        3M 聚酯膠帶 8403

        3M Polyester Tape 8403 has a silicone adhesive for composite bonding and splicing of many silicone coated papers and films.

        Polyester film that retains flexibility and thermal resistance and is abrasion, chemical and thermal resistant to help reduce failures due to cracking and backing deterioration.
        Silicone adhesive for higher heat resistance than many other adhesives to help reduce failure due to softening, oozing and adhesive transfer.

        Masking edges overlap seams in metal bonding process where the excess epoxy (“flash”) flows onto the tape. Clean-up is complete when the tape is removed. Protective overall mask on panels to mild caustic or acid bath etching. Helps prevent scratches during handling and provides desired masking during metal bonding and fabrication. Holding of parts or vacuum bags during bonding process. Mask for metal in acid or caustic chemical milling baths. Masking parts in anodizing processes. Splicing of silicone coated papers and films. Paint masking of materials subjected to high temperatures.

        Backing: Polyester film

        Adhesive: Silicone
        Color: Translucent green
        Lenght:72 yds. (66 m)

        Adhesion to Steel: 27 oz./in. width (29 N/100 mm)
        Tensile Strength at Break: 46 lbs./in. width (806 N/100 mm)
        Elongation at Break: 150%
        Backing Thickness: 1.4 mils (0.04 mm)
        Total Tape Thickness: 2.4 mils (0.06 mm)
        Temperature Use Range: Removes cleanly and remains flexible after 3 hours, 350°F (177°C), in autoclave


        #8403 半透明綠色 耐溫到177°C(3小時), 用途是高溫塗裝遮蔽保護 長66M.


        3M 8901 Polyester Composite Bonding Tape 聚酯膠帶

        3M 聚酯膠帶 8901


        #8902 (藍色)耐溫到204度(1小時), 用途是高溫塗裝遮蔽保護 長66M.

        3M Polyester Tape 聚酯膠帶 8902 Silicone Adhesive

        3M 聚酯膠帶 8902

        #8902(藍色)耐溫到204度(1小時), 用途是高溫塗裝遮蔽保護 長66M.


        3M Polyester Tape 850 聚酯薄膜膠帶 丙烯酸膠黏劑 Acrylic Adhesive

        銀色 黑色 透明, 聚酯薄膜, 抗油, 抗溶劑, 電影底片接合, 記號, 抗磨保護用


        3M Circuit Plating Tape 851

        聚酯薄膜膠帶 851 電鍍遮蔽膠帶

        3M 851膠帶 半透明綠色 厚 0.9mil 薄膜 具抗化性 用於印刷電路板之鍍金遮蔽

        3M 851J LED Potting Tape

        聚酯薄膜膠帶 851J 電鍍遮蔽膠帶

        851J Made in Japan 半透明綠色 厚 1.2 mil 薄膜

        3M Polyester Tape 853 聚酯薄膜膠帶 丙烯酸膠黏劑 Acrylic Adhesive

        透明, 聚酯薄, 抗油, 抗溶劑 接合 保護用


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        版權所有大同科技3M膠帶 2012